Bello! It’s a Minion Party

I love Kids’ Church!

I met Christ in Kids’ Church and I believe that God will continue to use this ministry to fulfill His promises to our generation and the next.

Yesterday, Victory Makati Kids’ Church Volunteers assembled for a one in a Minion Christmas Party! Aside from the usual games and prizes, special awards were given to the Best Minions of the year.

There’s my Gru, myself as Lucy Wilde, and our little Minion (at far right).


Here’s Team Toddlers in their creative costumes and cool goggles. Love that minion at far right too <3


A close look at those goggles… Shiny!


I want to make one someday, so I “Googled”… Tada! A step by step guide by She Knows.



Bridal Fairs 2013: Tips and Schedules

Bridal Fairs are obviously the perfect marketplace for wedding planning. With around 470,000 weddings happening in the Philippines (source: NSO 2011), Bridal Fairs help bring each dream wedding to life.

Bridal Fair

Planning to visit one? Here are some tips to make your trip a “Piece of Cake”. (Plus: a list of expos happening this year)

Pre-register online. This will not only waive the entrance fees, but also save you from the hassle of waiting in loooong registration lines. If you have time, check the list of exhibitors too (this is usually posted in the event website). It will help you plan who to visit and book, and even grab better promos like getting free food tasting passes from participating caterers.

Prepare thy self. For the Bride: Wear comfy flats and be ready for an at least 2-hour visit. Bring an extra bag for flyers. Try not to put makeup or if you can’t, wear something light - most makeup artists offer free trial makeups during expos. For the groom: Support your bride and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. It’s your wedding too anyway. :)

Plot your date. Secure your church (wedding date) first. Aside from they don’t usually join expos and they’re always the first one to get fully booked right away, it would be a hassle for you and the suppliers if you will book a tentative date and venue.

Put together tools and ideas. Come in prepared. First, finalize your wedding budget and the size of your wedding. You will be meeting different suppliers, with different price ranges. As much as possible, stick to your budget. You don’t want to start your marriage in debt, right? Then, decide on what you need and what you are looking for. It would be wise to bring your wedding pegs to give suppliers an idea on what you would want to have. This can generate accurate quotes too.

Pocket the cash. It’s best to book during fairs to avail of good deals and discounts. Not comfy bringing hard cash? Some accept credit cards for your convenience. Most suppliers don’t accept check payments. :)

Learn trends, meet & greet suppliers, get huge discounts (5-15% off), and win great prices! Attend the next Bridal Fair in town!

Bridal Fairs 2013

list source:

Happy Planning!


Planning a Nautical Party

With less than a week to plan, here’s my take on planning an intimate nautical dinner for my birthday last May (late post sorry).

THEME. A concept that would go well with our house (the beach house) was the first thing I had to decide on.

Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid? Age inappropriate I thought. I don’t want to be having a tea party in mermaid tail with my mermaid friends.

Beach? Set design would be too expensive.

Santorini-ish? My personal fave but too wedding-ish.

Then I landed on Nautical. Red, Blue, White. Mature enough and easy to design.

DECOR. I asked my cousin, Kate, for a creative helping hand. Using Yarns, Cartolina Papers, and glue stick (for a total of less than Php 200), we came up with Sailor Paper Hats, tiny paper boat decors, and awesome nautical banners. We also found a nice sea waves blanket we used as a carpet, beside King’s wakeboard.

ATTIRE. Of course we should blend in. Each wore her nautical-inspired clothing. :D

FOOD. Seafood obviously is the best option. But considering our stocks? Red Wine… Pastas… I went ahead with red meat. Army Navy do serve beef anyway. For appetizers, I just served the usual fruits and nuts platter, and not-so-healthy chips on the side. For dinner, we had red sauce pasta, steak, and a glass of wine! The nights’ highlight… Choco Fondue (my first try to make ever). Tastes like Flat Tops though. Not sure if that’s good. :P  .

GIVE-AWAY. This one’s unplanned. With so much food left, everyone had enough packed meal to take home plus sweet goodies waiting to be taken home from our fridge. :)

Thanks “Curls” for celebrating with me!

Aida in Manila

“Every story, new or ancient
Bagatelle or work of art
All are tales of human failing
All are tales of love at heart

This is the story
Of a love that flourished
In a time of hate

Of lovers no tyranny could separate
Love set into motion on the Nile’s shore
Destiny ignited by an act of war”

I’ve been always dying to see this play. My brother played Radames, how I wish I played Amneris, it’s beautiful! I’m glad Atlantis Production put the saga into motion. :) But what’s best? Not only that it came to town, but a friend gave us free tickets too! Yay!

Weeks after watching the play, I kept catching myself singing a piece from one of the songs with “feelings”. Conclusion? Really addicting…


Royal Wedding: Kris Matanguihan

KING + NICA | SDE from Kris Matanguihan on Vimeo.

We learned about Kris through  friends who tied the knot a few months ahead of us. He’s the genius behind the Mcdonald’s Alabang wedding video featured in Mel and Joey last year.

After checking his portfolio, I found his works heart-warming, captivating, and worth every penny.

Kudos Kris for a job well done! :)


Royal Wedding: Litratistas

Photos? Priceless!

Black & white (chess) color enlivened by accents of yellow - I truly loved our colors! Black is something off-beat; Yellow makes me go crazy! I like that it turned out edgy as planned, balanced with Victorian Era’s charm. Really memorable.

About Litratista: Litratista is a group of photographers based in General Santos. Our awesome photographers: James Montano and Michael Chan. Interested in hiring them?  Please call (+63 915) 9249457 or (+63 922) 2726461.