DIY Projects: A Trip Down Memory Lane

When you’re bad at scrapbooking or just can’t commit to start or maintain one, here are some ideas I compiled for you (and me). Let’s start keeping those happy memories alive!


 If you love scrapbooking but have no space to store stickers, stamps, scissors, punchers, colored pens, papers, laces, wires, and a lot more, then digital scrapbooking might work for you. Just compile and scan photos, go online, order your album and wait for it to be delivered right at your doorsteps. By the way, Photobooks also save your time, money and shelf space.


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Collect sand and dirt – and the happy memories with it. Label properly and keep it out of reach of children and clumsy adults, or you’ll end up throwing away your memories.

Sand jar 1

You can try this too. Spill-proof and needs just a little amount of sand.

sand frames


If you’re like my husband who seems very much attached with his shirts, this might work for you.



Keeping memorabilia of events and trips has never been this easy. Say good bye to scrapbooks that can’t seem to hold that Ice Cream spoon (I tried including that once) or that impossible-to-stick Royce Plastic Bag.

FI DIY Blog martha book case 2

Grateful Jar

Count your blessings daily. Keep photos, movie tickets, or even note cards all in one place. Write down successes, pains and other things to be grateful for.  Open on New Year’s Eve, and take time to remember how good the year has been.

Here are some ideas by Faulkner’s Ranch.

grateful jar


We made one for our little Prince to be opened on his 21st birthday. I’ll be sharing more about that on a different post.

But basically, put anything that will give your child a glimpse of what happened when he was born – ultra sound photos or clips, hospital bills, first set of clothes, first pair of shoes, first toy, newspaper or magazine, first family photo, photo of his first home and a lot more.

time capsule

There you have it! Enjoy making memories, and keeping them remembered.

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Moving Tips and Tricks

We are finally moving! Thank you Lord!!!

While gathering much needed information on moving to our new home, I chanced upon these smart tips from A-Weddings Blog.

Don’t be all boxed in.

boxed in - Moving Tips & Tricks

When moving, the first thing that comes to mind is to box it all in. But the trick to moving easier is not to just box them all in. For example, you can use your pot holders to store your knives. Or stick clothes or dirty laundry into your washer. The trick is to fill up all the empty spaces of your appliances or furniture so that it’ll save precious space on the moving vehicle itself.

Pack it tight so items won’t move while you’re on the move.

What’s the worst thing that can happen while you’re on the move? Well, it’s that of your stuff spilling out of their boxes. To make sure this does not happen, make sure that you pack it tight (not bursting though) so that items will stay in place.

Plan a basic layout on how to load your stuff into the moving vehicle.

layout - Moving Tips & Tricks

With furniture, appliances, mattresses, clothes and all the contents of your home being moved, it will surely be a hard time for you to think of how to stuff it all in one go. There are a lot of techniques on how to stack it in but you’ll best be served if you study the basics first.

Categorize which goes where.

colorcoding 2

You can use color-coded stickers so you and your helpers would easily figure out which goes where.  This way, when unpacking time comes, you won’t have to run back and forth and break your back searching for that box that contains whatever you needed to be put in a certain place.

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Queen of the Kitchen… Me already :P

The perfect wife is someone who expects an imperfect husband”- or the other way around.

I confess! I never, in my entire single life, cooked for more than a meal a month. Getting married was a bit challenging for me when I learned King prepares his meal at least twice a week, and what’s worse, he’s pretty much familiar with each item in the kitchen.

Hoping to learn ( but really to compete with King), I tried cooking Chicken ala Kiev thrice, Not-so-spicy Thai Chicken Curry once, Chateaubriand twice, Pinoy and Italian Spaghetti nth times, and Chicken Sinigang using real Tamarind (with a pinch or two of powdered mix). Realizing I need help, I seeked Ninang Ruby’s counsel.

One holiday with a group of hungry boys to feed, Ninang and I started to cook.


In conclusion, I love my husband for accepting me! Nonetheless, he should be glad; I sometimes treat him as god… with burnt offerings as his meal! :D