Win a Starbucks’ Coffee Date for Two

Whether you are a couple who recently got married or a couple who have been together for long years,  you need to be constantly reminded that there is something called “us” in your b-US-y life. Reconnect and strengthen your relationship with an evening of fun and coffee.

For me, Date Nights should be…

  • Scheduled – It is a decision to make, a time to block, and a budget to set. Make it a weekly routine and never miss out on stories your special someone would love to share.
  • Strategic - No movies, no phone calls, no serious discussions. Focus on your shared dreams, hopes and fond memories. No group dates. This time should be all about your relationship alone.
  • Special – It should be a cherry on top, an extra scoop of ice cream on your halo-halo, or extra pearls in you bubble tea. Got it? Special.

Because Every Memory Matters – Memfy is giving away a Coffee Date treat.



Promo Terms & Conditions

  • Open to all residents of Metro Manila.
  • Submission of entries is from February 4, 2014 – February 15, 2014.
  • Voting period is from February 16, 2014 to February 28, 2014, 12 midnight EST +8. Votes before this period will not be honored.
  • Winning Couple will be announced on March 1, 2014.
  • All submissions will be screened. Photos and write-ups submitted should not contain elements/materials that infringe or violate any person’s rights (e.g. copyright, trademark registrations, etc.) or otherwise violate the law. Entries should also not contain profanity, malicious, seditious, obscene, political and religious comments/content, or statements that are derogatory or offensive. Memfy reserves the right to disqualify entries in violation of any of these criteria.
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  • Contestants can only send one entry. The duplicate will not be considered as a valid entry.
  • Winners will be notified by registered mail, phone or by e-mail.
  • Winners will receive their prizes via courier. Courier fees will be shouldered by Memfy. Prizes will be shipped within 30 days.
  • The contest and its prizes are no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook or Starbucks Corporation.

 Start making memories together!

5 Pleasures Of My Everyday World

There Is Always, Always, Always Something To Be Thankful For.

FI Joy Blog

King and I went home late last night-early today, from a fun-filled dinner bonding. And this quote, visible at our hosts’ living room, was a reminder for us to be ever thankful for life’s little moments. Here are some in my list, WHAT’S YOURS?

1. Waking up as my chilling husband squeezes me because I  pulled his share of the blanket.

2. Eating more fruits than the main course on buffets.

3. Paying the cab and getting the exact change.

4. Receiving free things I don’t deserve.

5. King’s jokes to laugh at in tough times.


Engagement Shoot can cost a pretty penny, especially  if you’re planning to have three! – so, that makes it tiring too. Gladly, our best man (really THE BEST), Joppet Tan, was really game for it!

RUN and EAT are the things that define us as a couple.

RUN: King loves to run. He is the “King of the road”. I kinda don’t (I used to run back in High School. But that was like a looooong time ago). I run only when I rush, if needed or during SALEs. When I met King, everything changed. I was a bit challenged to put running back into my system. My best time so far: 45 mins (for 5k). I know that’s weak for some. But for me, that’s huge :D

EAT: This is what I look forward to after every run. A friend once mentioned that there’s an hour chance to eat  after working out since your body will still burn food fast. I really don’t know if it’s true. But anyway. King and I enjoy eating a lot! Our all-time fave, steak!

LOVE is what we feel and what we literally call each other.

LOVE: For the third part of the trilogy, we opted to do our wedding theme, Chess.  He is my King and I am his Queen! We had the shoot at Pan De Amerikana (which is free btw if you have no lighting equipments required). They boast of a 25″ (tall) garden chess set and cool backdrop pillars. The food was great and cheap too.

About Joppet Tan:

Joppet Tan is King’s batchmate in EN School of World Missions. He’s a Campus Missionary from Victory General Santos (Gen San) and a member of Litratista , a team of photographers based in Gen San.

Interested in hiring Litratista? Please call (+63) 915 9249457 or (+63) 922 2726461.

Shoot Locations:

La Mesa Eco Park.

Pan de Amerikana.