Hair Dare: Growing Out My Chemically Straightened Hair

I am a Queen - and I should wear my crown with pride!


I’m not blessed with a beautiful silky hair. I started treating my hair when I was in 5th grade and totally forgot how my natural hair actually looks like. So after my big day, I bravely challenged myself: To Meet my Natural Hair. I am secured that my husband, King, will accept me no matter what. Well, he had no choice, we’re already married.


Hair Dare1

2011: With my husband 3 days after our big day.

January 2012: Welcoming 2012 with a bang, and a shorter, curly do. I tried digitally perming my hair to cover the still rebonded part.

April 2013: The perm easily loosened, so I then decided to try the pixie cut for the first time. Never felt SOOOO free! Learned I was pregnant a few months too!

2013: That’s my Natural Hair. Looks nice when wet but I literally met the lioness everytime it dried. Roar!


I embraced the failure and said hello to chemicals again. I know that I should be content of what I have. I tried but I really struggled in managing my time and squeezing fix-my-stubborn-hair-time in the morning.

I guess I should research and get more tips the next time I accept this challenge.

Hair Dare2

King, Queen and Prince (1 year old)

Noticed we gained weight,