Hello Motherhood!

Baby should be moving his/her tiny arms and legs like crazy! 

June 6, 2012 was our 1st anniversary. Little did I know that I was already about a month pregnant then. Can’t eat my favorite sinigang or my favorite pork. Hardly finished my meals. Sensitive nose. Weird acid reflux. More frequent hunger. These are just the signs.

My OB suggested to wait for 2 weeks more for ultrasound. No home pregnancy tests to avoid false hopes. But wasn’t able to avoid spreading false hopes. haha. I was honestly excited for the possibility. :P

June 25, 2012. IT’S POSITIVE! Seeing our baby’s heart beating… PRICELESS!

Ugh! Remembering those “LIHI” days….. Lagi ako umiiyak nun kasi di ako makakain. I was worried of Az kasi baka nagugutom din sya. Oh well, FRUITS lang nhicks… and whenever you are out, go bring a Gatorade or Skyflakes with you, it’ll remove the morning sickness :) Box of Candies like Nerds and Gobstopper will help too… pero wag too much :)

maansterized says:

Congrats Nica and King!! So happy for you two! *excited*