Hello Motherhood!

Baby should be moving his/her tiny arms and legs like crazy! 

June 6, 2012 was our 1st anniversary. Little did I know that I was already about a month pregnant then. Can’t eat my favorite sinigang or my favorite pork. Hardly finished my meals. Sensitive nose. Weird acid reflux. More frequent hunger. These are just the signs.

My OB suggested to wait for 2 weeks more for ultrasound. No home pregnancy tests to avoid false hopes. But wasn’t able to avoid spreading false hopes. haha. I was honestly excited for the possibility. :P

June 25, 2012. IT’S POSITIVE! Seeing our baby’s heart beating… PRICELESS!

5 Pleasures Of My Everyday World

There Is Always, Always, Always Something To Be Thankful For.

FI Joy Blog

King and I went home late last night-early today, from a fun-filled dinner bonding. And this quote, visible at our hosts’ living room, was a reminder for us to be ever thankful for life’s little moments. Here are some in my list, WHAT’S YOURS?

1. Waking up as my chilling husband squeezes me because I  pulled his share of the blanket.

2. Eating more fruits than the main course on buffets.

3. Paying the cab and getting the exact change.

4. Receiving free things I don’t deserve.

5. King’s jokes to laugh at in tough times.

Shoe Revelation on Worship

Exodus 3:5. “God said. ‘Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.’


For women? They can be from cute, comfy ballet flats to deadly McQueen’s heels. For men? They may be as casual as Crocs, as active as Nike, or as dependable as Dr. Marten hard boots. But NO MATTER how cheap or expensive they may be, how tough or comfy they may promise, wearing them may eventually BECOME tiring or hurting. I remember getting hurt when I tried to break-in a new pair of shoes and I remember getting hurt as well when my shoes got worn out. I also remember getting tired of wearing some because they simply went out of fashion. haha

In the same way, the things we ALWAYS do, even if we are in the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, can be tiring and hurting at times.


Remember that God is inviting us to worship him BAREFOOT. Meaning, God wants us to remove our shoes -our baggages – before Him because truly they’re nothing compared to Him, compared to His holiness, compared to what He can do. God simply wants us to trust Him. Because only then that God’s strength and purpose will be real to us.


He then said in verse 6 that He is the God of those people we look up in faith. And yes He is the same God we are worshipping today.

In verse 14, God didn’t say “I am who I was”, but rather He said “I am who I am”. This is a comfort and assurance God gave to those who put his trust in Him. He is the same God that showed wonders even the time before us. He is the same God we encountered when we first believed. And He is the same God who will stand by us when we feel down and discouraged.


BE-auty Rest

Third time in Cebu. First time with King – Love it!

While King attended the Life Box Staff Summit, I had the chance to put my feet up and unwind a bit. :)

Trip Highlights:

1. Larsian – We arrived in Cebu right on time for lunch.  So, we headed to Larsian, right at the heart of Fuente, a food arcade known for barbecues. The place wasn’t really nice (I think it’s better at nighttime), honestly. But the experience, priceless! There were no spoons, no forks, not even areas to wash our hands. How to eat? Plastic gloves were provided for our enjoyment. haha

2. Ayala Mall – Cebu is like Makati down south. Offices… Ayala Mall. A lot has changed since the last time I went here.

3. Moon Cafe – After Ayala, we went straight to Asia IT Park for dinner. You’ll surely won’t miss this restaurant at The Walk. Known for its Mexican-Filipino fusion, I surely had a good moon steak experience.

4. La Marea – Located at The Walk, it’s one yummy place for desserts. I forgot the

name of the chocolate cake we ate, but the taste… unforgettable!

4. AAs Barbecue – Brunch before we left for Mactan. AA’s is known for grilled food. To start the experience, guests are to choose from fresh meats, and can either have them grilled or cooked in whatever way (I don’t know the options.. at least I remember I had my Shrimp Sinigang). I like it coz with no doubt they serve them fresh.

5. BE Resort – Our home for 3 days.  I heart the  hotel – rooms, crafted chairs designed by Cebuanos…  #ItsMoreFuninThePhilippines


Surely… We’ll be back on May… For Casa Verde, Lechon Arcade, and more experiences. :)



Queen of the Kitchen… Me already :P

The perfect wife is someone who expects an imperfect husband”- or the other way around.

I confess! I never, in my entire single life, cooked for more than a meal a month. Getting married was a bit challenging for me when I learned King prepares his meal at least twice a week, and what’s worse, he’s pretty much familiar with each item in the kitchen.

Hoping to learn ( but really to compete with King), I tried cooking Chicken ala Kiev thrice, Not-so-spicy Thai Chicken Curry once, Chateaubriand twice, Pinoy and Italian Spaghetti nth times, and Chicken Sinigang using real Tamarind (with a pinch or two of powdered mix). Realizing I need help, I seeked Ninang Ruby’s counsel.

One holiday with a group of hungry boys to feed, Ninang and I started to cook.


In conclusion, I love my husband for accepting me! Nonetheless, he should be glad; I sometimes treat him as god… with burnt offerings as his meal! :D

Aida in Manila

“Every story, new or ancient
Bagatelle or work of art
All are tales of human failing
All are tales of love at heart

This is the story
Of a love that flourished
In a time of hate

Of lovers no tyranny could separate
Love set into motion on the Nile’s shore
Destiny ignited by an act of war”

I’ve been always dying to see this play. My brother played Radames, how I wish I played Amneris, it’s beautiful! I’m glad Atlantis Production put the saga into motion. :) But what’s best? Not only that it came to town, but a friend gave us free tickets too! Yay!

Weeks after watching the play, I kept catching myself singing a piece from one of the songs with “feelings”. Conclusion? Really addicting…

Link: http://atlantisproductionsinc.com/

Royal Honeymoon: Bohol

“800 meters? We can do this!”

“Love, yung baboy nananaginip…”

“Baboy ba yan? Baboy ramo? Bakit Itim?”

“400 meters more? Walking distance ba talaga to?”

“My feet hurt na. My slippers are thin, I can feel the ground!”

“Love, goats! Dali, camera”

“Love may van, saya nila”

“Love kotse ulit”

Oh, I forgot, we were on our honeymoon.


A ninang gave us free accomodations to one of Bohol’s finest resorts, Flushing Meadows. Truly paradise!

It’s our first time to travel together. First discovery. King is the type who will go for a rest as soon as he steps inside the room, while I am Dora, game to explore outside.

Officially Mrs. Flora Danica Reyes. :)

 Inside the resort are wonders to explore. Dino Park. Tennis Court. Indoor Gym. Table Tennis. Billiards. Spa. Videoke. Ostrich Park. And a lot more!

After 6 months of planning (for the wedding), we knew our honeymoon would be the best time to relax. We would get up late mornings, and rush to see if buffets were served. Buffets… completed our paradise stay!


Everything was perfectly peaceful. The resort was packed in the morning, yet in the afternoon, it felt like we were alone. Alone like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. (Everyone went for tours I think.) :P We killed time lounging at the infinity pool, watching birds fly, and enjoying the sound capiz shells made. There’s a time when we tried hanging out by the beach, the powdery white sand against my feet, and smell of the sea, I didn’t like it! I’m totally not a beach person. That’s why we went back to the pool. :P


One of the highlights of our vacation is the trip to Bohol Bee Farm, “the longest walking distance ever”. I was hoping to see bumble bee, but saw different animals instead. That was fun!


Are we there yet?

Bohol Bee Farm offers organic delights. Of course, we didn’t miss the chance to eat merienda at the farm. King tried their Malunggay Ice Cream, which is not bad, not bad at all. I grabbed a chocolate drink and a couple of cupcakes.

The farm also makes the best Chili Powder in the world! Really. :)


Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground – http://www.flushingmeadows.com.ph/

Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant – http://www.boholbeefarm.com/

The Suite Life of King & Nica

A group of Mommy’s blessed us with an overnight stay at Bayview Hotel with Manila Bay Cruise! So suite! :)

It was a long weekend and a bit rainy… but still perfect. After we checked in the hotel, King and I decided to take the cruise at around 4pm. I was thinking of taking the 6pm trip at first. So it’ll be a little more romantic. Imagine the sunset, and Manila Bay view at night. But, King really convinced me to take the 4pm –  I’m glad he did! It was raining that day. While boarding, I felt the wind blowing stronger. No Sun was visible too. We started sailing and I felt the waves trying to shake the boat.

King: if we take the 6pm, It’ll be scary. We won’t see anything.

There were three groups aboard: A group of 6 hispanic tourists, a techy couple, and a cute couple. The cute couple should be us. :P

After the cruise, we decided to go straight to MOA (Mall of Asia) and watch whatever movie would be nice. Then, Kung Fu Panda caught our interests. Awesome! T’was funny and just right for the young at heart. It’s well written, well drawn, and well dubbed. haha

The hotel breakfast was great too! Buffet! We love buffets! :D

 Thanks again “Mommys”!