Engagement Shoot can cost a pretty penny, especially  if you’re planning to have three! – so, that makes it tiring too. Gladly, our best man (really THE BEST), Joppet Tan, was really game for it!

RUN and EAT are the things that define us as a couple.

RUN: King loves to run. He is the “King of the road”. I kinda don’t (I used to run back in High School. But that was like a looooong time ago). I run only when I rush, if needed or during SALEs. When I met King, everything changed. I was a bit challenged to put running back into my system. My best time so far: 45 mins (for 5k). I know that’s weak for some. But for me, that’s huge :D

EAT: This is what I look forward to after every run. A friend once mentioned that there’s an hour chance to eat  after working out since your body will still burn food fast. I really don’t know if it’s true. But anyway. King and I enjoy eating a lot! Our all-time fave, steak!

LOVE is what we feel and what we literally call each other.

LOVE: For the third part of the trilogy, we opted to do our wedding theme, Chess.  He is my King and I am his Queen! We had the shoot at Pan De Amerikana (which is free btw if you have no lighting equipments required). They boast of a 25″ (tall) garden chess set and cool backdrop pillars. The food was great and cheap too.

About Joppet Tan:

Joppet Tan is King’s batchmate in EN School of World Missions. He’s a Campus Missionary from Victory General Santos (Gen San) and a member of Litratista , a team of photographers based in Gen San.

Interested in hiring Litratista? Please call (+63) 915 9249457 or (+63) 922 2726461.

Shoot Locations:

La Mesa Eco Park.

Pan de Amerikana.

Miles says:

I like your “BLOG” Nica !…ANG GALING MO ! I salute you sis…at ang sweet nyong dalawa sa pics..hmmmpppppp…kainggit naman…hehehehe!

nicareyes says:

Thanks pretty Miles. Hope all is well. Miss you! Take care! :)

nicareyes says:

And pray lang :) wag mainggit :P love you