Shoe Revelation on Worship

Exodus 3:5. “God said. ‘Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.’


For women? They can be from cute, comfy ballet flats to deadly McQueen’s heels. For men? They may be as casual as Crocs, as active as Nike, or as dependable as Dr. Marten hard boots. But NO MATTER how cheap or expensive they may be, how tough or comfy they may promise, wearing them may eventually BECOME tiring or hurting. I remember getting hurt when I tried to break-in a new pair of shoes and I remember getting hurt as well when my shoes got worn out. I also remember getting tired of wearing some because they simply went out of fashion. haha

In the same way, the things we ALWAYS do, even if we are in the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, can be tiring and hurting at times.


Remember that God is inviting us to worship him BAREFOOT. Meaning, God wants us to remove our shoes -our baggages – before Him because truly they’re nothing compared to Him, compared to His holiness, compared to what He can do. God simply wants us to trust Him. Because only then that God’s strength and purpose will be real to us.


He then said in verse 6 that He is the God of those people we look up in faith. And yes He is the same God we are worshipping today.

In verse 14, God didn’t say “I am who I was”, but rather He said “I am who I am”. This is a comfort and assurance God gave to those who put his trust in Him. He is the same God that showed wonders even the time before us. He is the same God we encountered when we first believed. And He is the same God who will stand by us when we feel down and discouraged.