Royal Honeymoon: Bohol

“800 meters? We can do this!”

“Love, yung baboy nananaginip…”

“Baboy ba yan? Baboy ramo? Bakit Itim?”

“400 meters more? Walking distance ba talaga to?”

“My feet hurt na. My slippers are thin, I can feel the ground!”

“Love, goats! Dali, camera”

“Love may van, saya nila”

“Love kotse ulit”

Oh, I forgot, we were on our honeymoon.


A ninang gave us free accomodations to one of Bohol’s finest resorts, Flushing Meadows. Truly paradise!

It’s our first time to travel together. First discovery. King is the type who will go for a rest as soon as he steps inside the room, while I am Dora, game to explore outside.

Officially Mrs. Flora Danica Reyes. :)

 Inside the resort are wonders to explore. Dino Park. Tennis Court. Indoor Gym. Table Tennis. Billiards. Spa. Videoke. Ostrich Park. And a lot more!

After 6 months of planning (for the wedding), we knew our honeymoon would be the best time to relax. We would get up late mornings, and rush to see if buffets were served. Buffets… completed our paradise stay!


Everything was perfectly peaceful. The resort was packed in the morning, yet in the afternoon, it felt like we were alone. Alone like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. (Everyone went for tours I think.) :P We killed time lounging at the infinity pool, watching birds fly, and enjoying the sound capiz shells made. There’s a time when we tried hanging out by the beach, the powdery white sand against my feet, and smell of the sea, I didn’t like it! I’m totally not a beach person. That’s why we went back to the pool. :P


One of the highlights of our vacation is the trip to Bohol Bee Farm, “the longest walking distance ever”. I was hoping to see bumble bee, but saw different animals instead. That was fun!


Are we there yet?

Bohol Bee Farm offers organic delights. Of course, we didn’t miss the chance to eat merienda at the farm. King tried their Malunggay Ice Cream, which is not bad, not bad at all. I grabbed a chocolate drink and a couple of cupcakes.

The farm also makes the best Chili Powder in the world! Really. :)


Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground –

Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant –

The Suite Life of King & Nica

A group of Mommy’s blessed us with an overnight stay at Bayview Hotel with Manila Bay Cruise! So suite! :)

It was a long weekend and a bit rainy… but still perfect. After we checked in the hotel, King and I decided to take the cruise at around 4pm. I was thinking of taking the 6pm trip at first. So it’ll be a little more romantic. Imagine the sunset, and Manila Bay view at night. But, King really convinced me to take the 4pm –  I’m glad he did! It was raining that day. While boarding, I felt the wind blowing stronger. No Sun was visible too. We started sailing and I felt the waves trying to shake the boat.

King: if we take the 6pm, It’ll be scary. We won’t see anything.

There were three groups aboard: A group of 6 hispanic tourists, a techy couple, and a cute couple. The cute couple should be us. :P

After the cruise, we decided to go straight to MOA (Mall of Asia) and watch whatever movie would be nice. Then, Kung Fu Panda caught our interests. Awesome! T’was funny and just right for the young at heart. It’s well written, well drawn, and well dubbed. haha

The hotel breakfast was great too! Buffet! We love buffets! :D

 Thanks again “Mommys”!