Oh Boy! That Is Why I˙m Sooooo Lazy

That˙s why you˙re so lazy to put your make-up on…

I˙m not sure if it˙s one of those old-wives˙ tales or my mom-in-law was just guessing… but one thing˙s finally sure: It˙s a Boy!

Around 17 weeks, we finally saw our very active little prince turn and toss inside my belly, and show his cute little thing. King can˙t believe what he saw and it took him for about an hour to believe that we˙re having a boy and that our (silent) prayers were actually answered. :P #awesomeGod

Now, I can˙t wait to  start planning the baby shower. <3

(photo got from rockabyebabyobx.com)


Here˙s why I˙m totally excited to move on (or rather, here˙s why I hated the 1st Tri, specifically the 3rd month) :

1. A bit scared to drink medicines and I guess Iron was the culprit. My system had a hard time accepting it, thus making the nausea worse.

2. Heard of the 10-hour (beauty) sleep? It became a reality and still I felt tired at times. I know… not sooo productive. :(

3. Can˙t wait to feel the baby kick or move. Some moms feel it on their 4th month. It˙s like waiting forever.

Oh… And thank you for my loving husband, King, who really took time in building an improvised home studio and taking these photos. And sorry for the no make-up look. :P