Queen of the Kitchen… Me already :P

The perfect wife is someone who expects an imperfect husband”- or the other way around.

I confess! I never, in my entire single life, cooked for more than a meal a month. Getting married was a bit challenging for me when I learned King prepares his meal at least twice a week, and what’s worse, he’s pretty much familiar with each item in the kitchen.

Hoping to learn ( but really to compete with King), I tried cooking Chicken ala Kiev thrice, Not-so-spicy Thai Chicken Curry once, Chateaubriand twice, Pinoy and Italian Spaghetti nth times, and Chicken Sinigang using real Tamarind (with a pinch or two of powdered mix). Realizing I need help, I seeked Ninang Ruby’s counsel.

One holiday with a group of hungry boys to feed, Ninang and I started to cook.


In conclusion, I love my husband for accepting me! Nonetheless, he should be glad; I sometimes treat him as god… with burnt offerings as his meal! :D